Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where is Washing Soda???

OK So I spent 2 hours looking at every store I could think of, trying to find  Super Washing Soda from Arm and Hammer. I came to the conclusion that there is none in my city!  (I live in Southwestern Ontario Canada.) As I was standing in Canadian Tire, I finally got out my phone and googled where to find it.  
Well the results also brought up how to make your own! As it turns out it is really easy to do!  So off I went home to make some of the stuff :)

Since this is the first thing I made it makes sense that it is the first product I blog about!

So if you have a stove and some baking soda and a cookie sheet then you have what you need to make Washing Soda.

Pour enough b. soda on the cookie sheet to cover it. I put a full box.  Heat the oven to 400 degrees and put it in for about an hour.  Stir occasionally so you can make sure all the soda has cooked.Let the soda sit to cool down then put in an air tight container.

A pic of the finished product. 

It can be used in quite a few different things. The most popular being Homemade Laundry Soap.
Other uses being: - An all purpose cleaner:  add 2 cups hot water and 1 TBSP washing soda in a spray bottle and use as you would any all purpose cleaner.
                          - A Heavy Duty Cleaner : Make a thick paste with the washing soda and water. Smear it on area leave for a bit then rinse and wipe it off.  Works best if let to dry overnight.
                          - It works great as a pan cleaner. 1 cup of washing soda in a sink full of water with the troubled pans overnight and you will be amazed how easy it is to get them clean in the morning!
                         - The same paste as the Heavy Duty Cleaner can also be a Paint Stripper.  So be careful where you use it!
 That's just a few uses. If ya know more let me know!

Here is a pic of  the actual Washing Soda I was looking for :

This is what the package looks like in Canada. Looks a little different in the States I believe. 

So If you can't find the actual stuff from Arm & Hammer you now know that you can make Washing Soda, for a minimal amount of money!  Not bad eh! 

Have fun getting to know the world of Washing Soda!  

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